Technology Companies/Start-Ups Accounting

High-tech-IT-accountingWorking in the IT industry means constant evolution and fast-paced changes. At Beverly Hills CPA firm Jaswant S. Gill, CPA, P.C., we've developed our services to do just that. Having extensive experience working with IT businesses, Jaswant S. Gill, CPA, P.C. has evolved our accounting and tax services to meet the industry specific needs of our information technology clients.

All of our services are designed to maximize your revenue and streamline profit planning. Some of our services including tax minimization planning, operational structuring, outsourced bookkeeping and more. We work with all types of information technology businesses including computer hardware companies, software developers, internet startups, telecommunications companies and more. 

IT/Technology Accounting Services

Whether you're a fast growing startup or an established IT company, Jaswant S. Gill, CPA, P.C. can help. Give us a call at 310-356-6204 to schedule your free initial consultation today.